Thoughts on Success


Someone I respect recently told me they admire my tenacity for going after what I want. I don’t really agree but, in someways I guess they’re right. I financed and directed a short film, shot a tv show pilot, and often post personal artwork online. I have this mentality of throwing all these pieces of myself on the wall and hoping one sticks. None of these projects have really impacted my everyday life though. I personally look upon most of them as failures. I mean they were completed which in itself is a success. I learned a heck of a lot doing them as well. I guess I just haven’t had the professional success I lust after. When you find yourself perpetually in the same position you started in it is tough to count them as sucesses. I do wonder how many times can I go back to the well? Is there that much left for me to splatter on the wall or will I run out? Will all of me end up back on the floor?


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